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This is my personal-ish Page. Here I will post my thoughts, interests and content that I create.

I do a lot of Photography, Videography, 3D Digital Art / Animation, Music production & Song Writing. That’s on top of Racing Off Road Radio Controlled Cars. I also Fly Quad-copters & Planes.

Up untill I was 23 My main trade was concreting. Prior to that I wsa an apprentice Motor Mechanic. I completed my first year, I only co,[pleted half of my second year. I didnt do any schooling of the second year either. Then in 1997 I did a word processing course and realised I had a bit of a knack for playing with PC’s. I then did Cert ii of I.T. It was pretty easy and people seemed to be impressed so I thought I’ll do the next one. I completed Cert iii of iT in the tear 2000.

In 2003 I began to do Cert iV (Diploma) in I.T. / Electronic Engineering. But I pulled out as I couldntcope with the level of math required for that cousrse. The I.T. side was fine. The electronic side required us to do quite alot of math that was out of my league. AC-DC Fundementals and the like went into Physics math and I struggle once we get passed long division/multiplication. Anything higher than that and I stumped. I went and got a job as a Warranty Repair guy for a retovision store that also did their own in house brand of PC. So I built those too. When there was none of that work to do I was a general sales guy on the showroom floor. I also did Car Stereo installations and some basic alarm systems. Another job was Home Security CCTV Systems and their cabling. The Boss at my Retrovision Had me Certified as an Authorized HP & Compaq Warranty repairer. The pay was exceptional for the time & Type of work. I was given a company car (all be it a mini van lol, but still) and free townhouse accomadation. I only had to pay electricity/phone. To my mind (back then) I was a little over qualified for the job and I thought “this is a pretty good job, imagine what sort of great job I could get in the city” So I packed my bags and left this great job at retravision, with no new job lined up I headed for the city. I could not get ANY i.t. job at all. I couldnt believe that I was competing against people with masters degress in computer science for PC Sales positions with retailers. So I could forget about being the i.t. guy on an oil righ or something :/ They prolly gonna want professors and the like.

So I started my own PC Business which was the most stressfull and unhappy time of my life. Not becasueI owned my own business but the customers. they were terrible. The short of it is that I build a PC, Customer buys it and takes it home. Everything is fine at firt. Then customer gets a virus, or their kid deletes a few entries from the windows regsistry and windows wont work, wont operate or a program on it wont work or it wont conect to the internet anymore etc etc. so they bring it to me. I usually quite quickly hone in on the problem and fiz it. I bill them $70. The customer nearly haws a fit. They cant understand why that kind of thing is NOT covered by Waranty. People just cant Get their head around the fact that a manufactuere (or assembler in my case) can only give you a warranty on hardware. becasue the software is already proven to work, anything that goes wrong with it is user error. If the hardware is all working, it can only be software related. This is a very difficult thing to convince people of and so I quit, its just not worth all the arguments I end up having or all the free work I have to do to avoid such arguments.

Then my health fails. I am a little embarressed about my health and I wont say exactly the problem here just in case anybody is reading this (Probably not). But my Liver is shot. I have been quite sick for a few years now, and a little sick in the years before that. There i aparently a good cure available now so hopefully I will get on to it soon,

a Side effect of my Liver Disease is that I have ZERO energy. Motivating myself is dam near impossible, even in life threatening situations. Even though I know this, I struggle to change my behavior when it comes to self motivation. I get very strong bouts of nausea most days. These last about 1 to 3 mins and occur approximately 4 to 8 times per day. I have very bad indigestion (I also have ulcers). Both Liver problems and the ulcers combine to make my stomach not work very well. Another Strange Side Effect is Hot FLushes. the problems with liver affect hormones in ma bodeh and they last about 1 to 2 mins and they are very intense, cause sweating and are dam near unbearable sometimes. I also have borderline personality disorder. < Whats that? I’m a bit Odd. ucky for me tho, as I get older I seem to be getting better with it. A lot of the symptoms are settling down and dont intefere, or rather I seem to be able to navigate life and other people quite a bit better than I did when I was younger. No body knows how I suffered with this as a child or teenager, esp teenager. I instantly recognise it in other people. BPD that is. They are everywhere. BPD is extrememly common, but most are not even diagnosed. I have another name for it, The Jerry Springer Gene. Basically most of the poele you see on Jerry Springer are BPD People. They tend to act our more, cant keep their emotions in check, this is why Jerry springer uses them on the show. they can be quite entertaining. I suspect Jerry Springer and/or the producers know this. I think they know exactly what BPD is and how to exploit it for ratings. anyway theres alot more to me than just those things.

Here is how I see myself:

Extremely Crazy Generous, While I would like tonned of money I am not a scruge. I will happily, quickly without hesitating give a beggar loose change. IDC if they are ratty chatty looking hilly billy bums, a guy in a suit with a Jerry Can or drug fucked prostitute with a baby in the pram. I feel like I got no right asking for help (should I ever need it) if I am not ready to help ANYONE myself. easy to talk to, One of the most Loyal people you will

easy to talk to, you can talk to me about anything. I’ve secretely been there and done dam near everything. I am amzingly worldly and knowledgable on the darker things in the world. I am extremely non judgemental. I know Im pretty Odd, so who am I to jusdge and I know it. wish other people knew it to. Most think their awesome lol. But they’re not.

One of the most Loyal people you will every meet. Once I consider someone my friend, I’d do anything for them. Anything. I’d never lie to them, back stab them, cheat, steal (I wouldnt do those things anyway, but esp not a friend). I feel I have the ability to recognise floors in my personality, I dont just live in denial. sometimes it takes a while, but I can see it and I make changes to hopefully make me a better person. Changing behavior can take a very long time thgough so dont expect anyone else (esp those at a distance to notice) Extremely Resiliant mind.


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