Instructions for Downloading Full Res Images

Instructions for downloading Full Sized – Hi res Images:

After clicking on a Photo thumbnail you will enter into a photo gallery. Once in the Gallery, if you Left click on the image or one of the arrows to the sides you will be taken to the next image in the gallery.

To download a full size copy there are two ways. The first, and I think the easiest is:

Once you are in the gallery and looking at a picture you want to keep, simply go to the bottom right corner of the page (while in the photo gallery) and you will see a text link that says “View Full Size 4298 X 3264”

Simply RIGHT click on that text and select “Save Link As” A Save Dialog will then pop up and you can select where on your PC you want to save it.

The other way is to just left click on the Text Link “View Full Size 4298 X 3264” and then the full size image will appear in your browser and you can just right click anywhere on that image and select “Save Image As”.