How to contribute to this website

Hi. The onlyway you can become a contributor to this website is if I know you outside of this website. (i.e. through other social media or from RC Car Racing etc) You will need to give me your email address and supply me with a user name. I will supply you with a temporary password that you can change by going into your profile.

After you give me your desired user name and email address I will register you and an email will be sent to you with your log in credentials, but you MUST change your password STRAIGHT AWAY to something that includes letters & numbers (preferably upper and lower case), be at least 7 characters long and it would be great if you could also use special characters such as !@#$%^&*().

If you have trouble remembering these kinds of complex passwords then consider using a password manager plug in for your favorite web browser(s).

DO NOT BOTHER WITH the default password managers for Windows etc, they are not secure.

For e.g. if you use Firefox,  you might consider “Last Pass” Its great. It can generate highly complex random passwords and remember them for you in a highly encrypted file, that is stored online. even if you haven’t needed a particular password years, last pass will have it there for you. A truly helpful piece of software.

Last Pass can generate passwords for you, like this one for e.g.

(DO NOT use These example passwords lol :P) 4j9CNJ9%Z8JYvqf#n6Q%bE8x%!PC%eesDQ#dj6%3 (40 characters)

or this one: x87R^X!*ez (10 Characters)

(DO NOT use These example passwords lol :P)

Be careful to only use a reputable password manager plug in (like “last pass”), because apart from potential security issues, some are not reliable and may loose your passwords, leaving you locked out of all of your websites etc, that have not memorized the passwords of :/

Last Pass backs up your password list regularly so if something did go wrong the loss is minimal.

I have been using last pass for more than 5 years over 1000’s of sites and subscriptions and have not had a single issue.


In firefox, fo to: Tools>Add-ons> In the top right hand corner enter the search phrase “Last Pass” and hit ENTER. Then install last pass and follow its directions 😉