We’re Back!

After many months of Cancelled Racedays (Du to the rain) we are finally back in race mode at the Barmah Radio controlled Car Club. The Rain has stopped long enough now that the earth has dried out and we were able to spray the weeds and cut the grass. Only a couple of little sink holes to fill and a few other bits and pieces and we will be all systems go for Racing this Sunday the 6th of November – 2016. Nominations will be from 0930. So get ya cars ready and let’s go racing!!!

buggy020b barmah-november-6-2016 2016-10-31-14_15_17-greenshot


Blame it on the rain!

Yes that’s right another story about rain. The rain just will not stop.

It has been six months since we have had a race at the Barmah radio controlled car club. This is because relentless rain has saturated the earth and now even small amounts of rain can cause minor flooding.

The outlook for the remainder of 2016 is not good either.

According to the bureau of meteorology, the Indian Ocean off the North West Australian coastline is quite warm and also the Pacific Ocean of the north-eastern coastline of Australia has sea surface temperatures above average. Currently the climate data sets that try to forecast a La Nina or El Niño event suggest that we are currently, slightly on the La Nina side of neutral. This should mean that we will see average to slightly above average rainfall in south eastern Australia for the remainder of 2016.

Now, even though we have this bleak outlook do not despair. All those associated with the management of the Barmah radio controlled car club are a committed to resuming race activities as soon as practical.

In the meantime, keep an eye out for working bee days. If we can keep the track in as good as a condition as possible, we can simply resume racing as soon as it is dry enough.

So, do not sell your equipment and car. WE WILL RACE AGAIN SOON!

Living in Australia, there is every chance that when these rain events pass, we will go into a drought again. If that is the case, then we will be able to race all the time (unless it is too hot).

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