Track Closure – ’till Dash for cash – Maintenance and Molasses

***OLD INFO***
26 Feb 2015
This coming week end is the Inaugural BRCCC Dash For Cash. Since the track has been closed for approx the last 3 weeks for Maintenance & Repair work it seemed a fitting time to remond folks that the track will be open for practice all day Friday the 27th of February in preparation for Saturday & Sundays events.

***OLD INFO***

Just a friendly “Heads up” to all concerned.

The Barmah Track will be closed for use from Thursday Feb 5 to Thursday Feb 26 (Inclusive) and will re-open for practice on Friday the 27th of Feb – 2015.

Maintenance, repairs & The Application of Molasses (YAY!) Will Occur.

In order to keep the track fresh and in good nick we ask that it not be used after the evening of Wed Feb 4 until Friday morning Feb 27. We will be sure to let everyone know if that changes as well as keep everyone posted on track maintenance progress. Happy Racing all!