2015 Dash For Cash – Feb 27 to March 1


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The Inaugural 2015 Da$h For Ca$h
Summary and Race Results:
The Inaugural 2015 Dash for Cash event began with open practice all day on Friday the 27th of February 2015, followed the next day by Qualifying and on Sunday the 1st of March 2015 Race Finals Commenced.
Numbers were slightly down on those anticipated, however due to the outstanding success of the event we expect to see larger numbers next time (and yes… There Will be a “Next Time”) 😀
The slightly low numbers in participation were no doubt due to a number of other activity’s and events on around the country, including the Clipsal 500, the Avalon Airshow etc. as well as slight slump in Nation Wide Numbers.
In spite of the slightly down numbers, the event proved to be a huge success, all who attended were very happy and this kind of event will definitely occur again. Management and Organizers will be meeting soon to plan for our next event. you can rest assured that we will keep you posted on what is to come next 🙂
All involved thoroughly enjoyed themselves and participated in some highly competitive Racing. Photos to follow soon, and Video to follow a few days from now.
The BRCCC would like to thank all who participated, Especially those who traveled long distances to visit us. We really hope to see you back in Barmah next time.
Also a Super Huge Thank you to all who Volunteered their time into making this event work. Weather you marshaled, Pit Crewed, Catered, cleaned up or just cheered…. THANK YOU!!!
So without further delay, here is a basic summary of Race Results:
After Saturdays Qualifying the Grid order for Sundays Finals were as follows:
1/8th EP Buggy
Grid Position                                          Name
1                                                               Shane Hancock
2                                                               Aiden Pallant
3                                                               Jamie Lloyd
4                                                               Evan Gaskin
1/8 Nitro Truggy
1                                                               Ronald Maya
2                                                               Liam Jones
3                                                               Mick Campion
4                                                               Dave Trevethan
5                                                               Damion Mc Donoughue
6                                                               Erick Kolbeck
7                                                               Aiden Pallant
8                                                               Stuart Black
9                                                               Charles Borg
10                                                               Brenton Putill
11                                                               Glenn Cook
12                                                               Savage Sam
13                                                               Dirt Monkey
1/8th Nitro Buggy
1                                                               Ben Stirling
2                                                               Shane Hancock
3                                                               Jamie O’Brien
4                                                               Matt Griffin
5                                                               Ronald Mayer
6                                                               Liam Jones
7                                                               Matt Chisholm
8                                                               Charles Borg
9                                                               Damion Mc Donoghue
10                                                               Scott Chettleburgh
11                                                               Adam Grant
12                                                               Declan Cook
Sunday March 1st – 2015 Race Results:
1/8th EP Buggy – 3 X 10 mins
Position                     Name                                                               
1st                                          Shane Hancock                                          
2nd                                          Aiden Pallant                                          
3rd                                          Evan Gaskin                                          
4th                                          Jamie Lloyd                                          DNS/DNF
1/8th Nitro Truggy – 1x40min Final
Position                     Name                                                                                    Laps                     Time
1st                                          Liam Jones                                                               56                     40m37.426s
2nd                                          Damion Mc Donogh                      54                     40m6.354s
3rd                                          Ronald Mayer                                          54                     40m38.096s
4th                                          Stuart Black                                          54                     40m48.189s
5th                                          Erick Kolbeck                                          54                     41m18.749s
6th                                          Dave Trevethan                                          53                     40m27.771s
7th                                          Charles Borg                                          53                     40m42.551s
8th                                          Glenn Cook                                                               51                     40m52.897s
9th                                          Dirt Monkey                                          44                     40m34.261s
10th                                          Aiden Pallant                                          34                     40m03.551s
11th                                          Savage Sam                                                               10                     08m38.346s
12th                                          Brenton Putill                                          05                     05m33.650s
13th                                          Mick Campion                                          00                     DNS/DNF
1/8th Nitro Buggy – 1x40min
Position                     Name                                                                                    Laps                     Time
1st                                          Matt Griffin                                          55                     40m05.852s
2nd                                          Ben Stirling                                          55                     40m37.758s
3rd                                          Ronald Mayer                                          53                     40m30.693s
4th                                          Jamie O’Brien                                          50                     40m07.666s
5th                                          Adam Grant                                                               48                     40m18.940s
6th                                          Damion Mc Donogh                      47                     40m02.091s
7th                                          Matt Chisholm                                          47                     40m10.387s
8th                                          Liam Jones                                                               44                     33m42.336s
9th                                          Charles Borg                                          44                     40m04.482s
10th                                          Scott Chettleburgh                     38                     31m56.233s
11th                                          Declan Cook                                          24                     22m45.586s
12th                                          Shane Hancock                                          02                     01m48.237s
VIDEO:1/8th EP Buggy Finals 3 X 10 Min Heats (Unfortunately only recorded First Two Heats)

1/8th Nitro Buggy 40 Min Final

1/8th Nitro Truggy 40 Min Final

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